Election Slate Released! Read all about it!

Posted on October 01, 2017

Oncology Elections will open November 6th.  Please read through our highly qualified list of candidates here

Advocating for our DE residents and all individuals with a cancer diagnosis

Posted on June 15, 2017

This has been an exciting week advocating with over 50 non-profit organizations to increase the need for cancer research funding for the NIH, NCI and CDC.  Monday morning, we had extensive training with speakers through OVAC and meetings were well-organized. Sharing our personal stories indeed brought us to these offices to advocate for millions of Americans who are not able to have this opportunity.  Thanks, Nina for your advice on this matter.  As a Delaware resident, I met with Senators Carper and Coons and Rep Lisa Blunt-Rochester's legistative correspondents.

In addition, there were hundreds of individuals with various disabilities who were in front of the White House demonstrating to protect healthcare rights as well.  What an incredible experience to be in DC during this time of ambiguity in health care.  Fingers crossed for best outcomes!




Lymphedema Special Interest Group *NEW* Facebook Page

Posted on March 01, 2017


LIKE US!   Lymphedema Special Interest Group *NEW* Facebook Page:






Call for Action: Generic Use of Term "Physical Therapy"

Posted on September 27, 2016

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