This summer issue brings the reader important information for clinical practice in special oncology populations, including two systematic reviews. The first, evaluating the importance of inspiratory muscle training among those receiving hematopoietic stem cell transplants, is featured as this issue’s OncoReads(SM) offering; go to for more details. The second systematic review focuses on functional mobility skills after lower limb salvage surgery for those with malignant bone tumors.  Three research reports cover the spectrum of issues women treated for breast cancer face, including access to rehabilitation, the relationship between the biopsychosocial baseline status and subsequent functional status after breast cancer treatment, and the novel findings of the link between lower extremity force and power, and cancer-related fatigue, with implications for the types of exercise that may remediate the experience. Listen to the authors of this last study on this issue’s podcast, which can be found here. The Clinical Conversation and Research Roundup provide clinicians with practical information when working with individuals with lung and prostate cancer. Lastly, for authors interested in publishing in Rehabilitation Oncology, be sure to check out our updated Instructions for Authors which clearly identify requirements for manuscript submission including required checklists that help us ensure quality and trustworthiness in the research.