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Meghan Huber, DPT

Meet Dr. Meghan Huber, recent graduate and current oncology PT resident at Beaumont in Michigan.

Now more than ever, times can seem uncertain and leave us pondering what our next steps are.  It is during these times that taking chances and putting ourselves out there can lead to unexpected, positive experiences.

Meghan Huber can relate.  She was first exposed to the effects of cancer as a little girl, when her grandpa was diagnosed with colon cancer. Her interest in oncology grew more, and her confidence in herself to take calculated risks, was first demonstrated when she left the Lower 48 to complete an undergraduate clinical rotation for exercise physiology in an oncology rehabilitation at Providence Medical Center in Anchorage, Alaska. There she was able to utilize her knowledge in exercise physiology combined with the expertise of the physical therapists to apply exercise principles to patients undergoing cancer treatment or survivorship.

After graduating from The University of Mary in 2019, Meghan had no plans after graduation; in fact, plans that she thought she had lined up were no longer going to be happening.  During this uncertain time, she took a leap of faith and applied for The Physical Therapy Oncology Residency at Beaumont in Michigan.   She knew that had she had this desire to work with oncology patients but did not have the experience to feel comfortable doing this as a new graduate. She also did not feel that she had the confidence to initiate any program development in this area since it is a newer field and less common. Mentoring is a huge advantage of the residency, and Meghan realized she would learn best in this supportive environment.  Meghan looked within herself and determined that if she could do the oncology residency and improve her knowledge, skill set, and leadership abilities in oncology, she could then disseminate this knowledge in her home state of North Dakota.  Meghan’s passion for the area of oncology has significantly increased as she completes the oncology residency through Beaumont. She is very thankful for the leadership and support of the educators, mentors, and interdisciplinary staff members of Beaumont for assisting in her education. Her advice to DPT students or new grads is to not be afraid to put yourself out there and try something new!