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Alexandra Hill PT, DPT, CLT-LANA, Board Certified Specialist in Oncologic & Women's Health Physical Therapy

Meet Alexandra, dual clinical specialist and APTA Oncology’s Centennial Scholar


Alexandra Hill graduated from Kent State University with a B.S. in Chemistry, going on to earn her Doctor of Physical Therapy at the University of Florida and complete the Women’s Health Physical Therapy Residency at Duke University Health System. Her passion for teaching, pelvic health, and oncology led her to become a dual Board-Certified Clinical Specialist in Women’s Health and Oncologic Physical Therapy though the ABPTS, a LANA Certified Lymphedema Therapist, and an APTA Credentialed Clinical Instructor. She is presently practicing in Annapolis, Maryland specializing in outpatient pelvic health, lymphedema, and oncology rehabilitation.

In addition to her clinical work, Alexandra has lectured at DPT programs as well as at regional and national events. Alexandra has several peer-reviewed manuscripts on pelvic health and oncologic physical therapy including two EDGE Task Force publications.  She has been actively involved with APTA Pelvic Health, previously serving on the Board of Directors as the Director of Financial Development and is now Co-Chair of the Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access (IDEA) Committee. She is also a member of the ABPTS Specialization Academy of Content Experts for Women’s Health to construct examination questions for the Board examination.

Alexandra’s love for volunteering and advancing the physical therapy profession led her to apply for the APTA Centennial Scholar Program. Alexandra decided to pursue this program specifically with APTA Oncology after recognizing the need for continued growth and research within the oncology rehab specialty, the necessity to increase both medical provider and public knowledge of the benefits of oncology rehab, and with hopes of addressing health disparities among this population.  She was selected as the 2020 APTA Oncology Centennial Scholar and over the next year will develop her leadership skills as well as complete a capstone project.

During her free time, Alexandra loves to hike, Zumba, volunteer with Special Olympics, and travel. Her favorite travel destination is Iceland!