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Betsy Campione, DPT, CLT-LANA & Meredith Wampler-Kuhn, PT, DPTSc

Meet Betsy Campione, DPT, CLT-LANA and Meredith Wampler-Kuhn, PT, DPTSc, co-chairs of the newly founded implementation science work-group for the Academy of Oncologic Physical Therapy.

Betsy is an assistant professor in the Physical Therapy Program at Midwestern University in Downers Grove, IL. She has over 15 years of clinical experience as a physical therapist primarily in the outpatient setting working with patients during and after their cancer journey and patients who are living with lymphedema. During her time as a clinician, she successfully implemented cancer rehabilitation programs in several clinical settings. In her current role at Midwestern, she is developing entry-level oncology curriculum to better prepare the students to manage patients who are somewhere along the survivorship continuum.

Meredith has held several roles in her 22 years as a physical therapist working with cancer patients, including clinician, clinical researcher, and teaching in several physical therapy programs. Currently she is the lead physical therapist at St. Charles Health System in Bend, OR and has implemented new evidence-based rehabilitation programs at the cancer center. The outpatient physical therapy clinic at the cancer center has been actively collecting standardized outcomes to help show the value of physical therapy services for their patients from diagnosis through survivorship.

Both Betsy and Meredith are passionate about helping to close the gap of research being published and best practices being put into clinical practice.  They will be reaching out to the membership in the future through surveys and calls for action as they develop tools and strategies to help clinicians implement EDGE recommended standardized outcomes and clinical practice guidelines.   Please check the Academy website for updates as we make these tools available.

If you are interested in becoming involved with an implementation science project, please contact Betsy or Meredith.

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