Meet a Member

Amy Compston, PT, DPT, CRT, CLT-LANA

Meet Amy, a Rehab Service Team Lead at The Ohio State University – James Comprehensive Cancer Center, and recipient of the Ohio Physical Therapy Association 2020 Emerging Leader Award.


Since entering the evolving field of oncology rehabilitation, Amy Compston has been driven by the expansion, effectiveness and efficiency of oncology care. During her seven-year tenure at The Ohio State University- James Comprehensive Cancer Center, she has worked with numerous cancer diagnoses in several multifaceted clinics. Connecting with patients to provide a personalized approach to their care, Amy has dedicated her career to seeking out the most effective methods of treatment for all cancer patients. 

Not long after her beginnings at the Stephanie Spielman Breast Center, Amy was tasked with establishing two outpatient oncology rehab locations – The James Cancer Supportive Care Survivorship Clinic, and most recently The James Outpatient Oncology Rehabilitation Clinic, treating the populations of hematology/bone marrow transplant, head/neck, orthopedic oncology/sarcoma and geriatric oncology. It was there that Amy had the privilege of working side-by-side with renowned orthopedic oncology surgeons who entrusted her with the challenge of establishing novel rehabilitation protocols for the sarcoma service line. This resulted in contributions to the National Cancer Coalition Network guidelines for soft tissue sarcoma and most recently, the publication of a rotationplasty rehabilitation protocol in the Journal of Rehabilitation Oncology.

In 2020, Amy became a Rehab Service Team Lead and was given the James Clinical Excellence Award, along with the Emerging Leader Award by the Ohio Physical Therapy Association. She and her colleagues at The OSUCCC-James have been able to identify early signs of cancer recurrence and progression due to their specialization in lymphedema management, underscoring the importance of rehabilitation in the entirety of a patient’s oncology care.

Amy is now in her second year of the MBA for Working Professionals Program at The OSU Fisher College of Business. With this experience, she hopes to further the development of the ever-growing outpatient oncology rehab department at The OSUCCC-James. She has had the great pleasure of working on diverse and collaborative teams within the program, and the skills she has acquired have transferred to the culture of creativity, collaboration and innovation within her field.

Helping patients overcome adversity and return to normal life has been Amy’s primary motivation. She treasures the opportunity to share new ways of approaching treatment, patient education, and connectivity with medical providers. From customizing her therapy techniques for new surgical interventions to simulating real-life scenarios for her patients in both clinic and telehealth settings, Amy is driven to advocate for every patient on their journey through cancer.