Meet a Member

Laura Sheridan, PT, DPT

Meet Laura, President of APTA Oncology

Laura began her physical therapy career in 2008 after graduating with her Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) from New York University. She was first employed at Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC where she had the fortune of rotating between the acute care, acute rehabilitation and outpatient settings treating patients with a variety of diagnosis including oncology. In 2011, Laura transitioned her career to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK) working full time in oncologic rehabilitation in the outpatient setting and has felt privileged to do so everyday since.

Laura’s interest in oncologic rehabilitation started prior to her becoming a physical therapist while she was employed for the first time at MSK in an entry-level position in administration. There she worked directly with medical teams, patients and their families and observed the teamwork that goes into supporting a patient on this journey and left her wanting to do more. It was then that she left MSK to pursue her DPT with the goal of focusing on oncology rehabilitation in her future career.

Becoming involved with APTA Oncology has been very rewarding and motivating for Laura. She is inspired by the dedicated leadership and the community of members who all strive to advance oncology rehabilitation practice and its accessibility to those who need it. Laura’s experience with the Academy has included membership committee member, nominating committee member, and receipt of APTA Emerging Leader award in 2016. Currently, Laura is serving as the President and looks forward to supporting the Academy and its members in this role.