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Rehabilitation Oncology Journal

January 2021 – Volume 39 – Issue 1

Our first issue of 2021 brings into sharp focus the issues related to balance and falls among those
treated for cancer. This special issue, guest edited by Min Huang, PT, PhD, provides valuable
information into the impact of chemotherapy on balance by Wechsler and colleagues, the role of
impaired executive function in physical mobility by Blackwood, et al., and significant insights
into the experience of fear of falling during cancer survivorship by Covington. These are just a
few of the important pieces in this issue. A sincere thank you to Dr. Huang for this carefully
curated issue on this important topic.

– Editor, Mary Insana Fisher, PT, PhD


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Missing rehab due to COVID-19 increased distress in women with breast cancer

October 2020’s COVID-19 Special Issue of Rehabilitation Oncology features an important Research Report that addresses the Effect of Disrupted Rehabilitation Services on Distress and Quality of Life in Breast Cancer Survivors During the COVID-19 Pandemic. This report is receiving deserved attention. You can also read Wolters Kluwer’s press release here.

Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG): Interventions for Breast Cancer-Related Lymphedema now available!

This CPG is the culmination of significant efforts by several APTA Oncology members and we recognize the authors: Claire Davies, PT, PhD, Kimberly Levenhagen, PT, DPT, Kathryn Ryans, PT, DPT, Marisa Perdomo, PT, DPT, MS, and Laura Gilchrist, PT, PhD. We also thank all APTA Oncology members who provided critical feedback during the development of the CPG.

The full CPG is now available (open access as of 7/1/2020) via PT Journal. APTA Oncology members can access an executive summary of the CPG in the latest issue of Rehabilitation Oncology. You can also read APTA’s press release here.

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As a way to summarize the excellent work and outcomes of our many Oncology EDGE Task Forces, an annotated bibliography has been developed as a quick reference guide. The EDGE findings and recommendations are categorized by diagnosis and/or condition (when not diagnosis-specific). The goal is to promote the utilization of evidence-based outcome measures across settings in order to provide continuity in oncology rehabilitation.

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