The American Board of Physical Therapy Residency and Fellowship Education (ABPTRFE) defines residency programs as post-professional programs intended to train physical therapists in a specialty area.

On this page, please find resources for physical therapy professionals considering applying for oncologic residency and for those who are interested in developing oncologic residency programs.

For Oncologic Residency Applicants

ABPTRFE provides comprehensive information regarding application for residency. Please click here to learn more about residency programs, the application process, and for a current directory of residency programs.

In 2013, APTA launched the Residency/Fellowship Physical Therapist Centralized Application Service (RF-PTCAS) that now provides two services, an online application for prospective participants and a web-based admissions management software for programs. Click here to learn more about RF-PTCAS and to initiate an application today.

For Developing/Accredited Oncologic Residency Programs

ABPTRFE provides comprehensive resources for educators at developing or accredited residency and fellowship programs. Click here to learn more about procedures, accreditation, news, updates, and more.

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